IP-based surveillance

As IP-based surveillance systems continue to gain ground, we can’t help but be reminded of the challenges IP telephony – or VoIP – faced 10 years ago. The adoption parallels are certainly intriguing. VoIP systems offered vastly better features and functionality than PBX systems, but once the frenzy among early adopters wore off, retailers adopted VoIP at much slower rates than expected. 

Cell Phone Safety

Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth is the name of a wireless technology standard for connecting data or voice devices thus replacing cords, wires, and cables. It uses RF radiation to transmit information over short distances of generally 10 meters or less. By embedding a Bluetooth chip and receiver into products, wires that would normally carry the data or voice signal can be eliminated. In the case of cell phone headsets, the voice signal is transmitted by RF radiation from the Bluetooth device in the cell phone to a receiver/headset.